A Quick Glimpse of Ron's Accomplishments

Ron Camron – The Man from OZ  (Australia)

Musical Family: Ron’s Dad Don Cameron was a hoofer (tap dancer) & Ron’s & his 2 sisters Lynette & Yvonne all learned Tap dancing in their pre-teens. Ron later went on to study Russian Cossack dancing in his teens.
Ron had severe Asthma from 2 years of age and up until recently suffered frequent Asthma attacks. ( Pre AdVair).
1958: Up until he was 18 years of Age, Ron suffered from extreme shyness. At 18 he attended a YMCA dance and was invited to sing a song with the band. Once he had that mic in his hand, his whole life changed.
1959 Ron & his new Rock’n’Roll band (Rhythm Aces) were a hit. By 1960 his new band (Olympics) were opening for top Australian & US acts all around their home state of Victoria.

1962, Ron auditioned for Australia’s top Singing Coach Jack White; who introduced Ron to a wider spectrum of music, He started doing nightclubs and TV with Big Bands around Melbourne.
1965 Ron entered a singing contest Australia’s “Search for a Star”. Ron won First prize over 1000 other contestants. First prize included a trip around the world PLUS television & nightclub contracts. Many clubs started billing him as the Australian Bobby Darin: he closed his act every night by doing a Russian Cossack dance on the bar or the grand piano. 1967 Ron set off on his round the world tour. Soon after arriving in the USA Ron was “discovered” by Joy Jordon, Personal manager from Hollywood at an audition at the Joan Rivers Club in the San Fernando valley. “Starmaker” Henry Willson changed Ron’s name to Ron Camron. For 2 years Ron worked with the Rex Sylvester IV at the Melody Room on Sunset Strip, Bel Air club in the Valley & at the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas
1968 After a TV appearance in Los Angeles, Ron was offered a contract entertaining on Cruise Ships around the World and spent 4 years traveling the world as an entertainer on cruise ships.

1982 Panasonic introduced a karaoke machine at the Chicago Consumer Electronic Show, Ron was one of the singers demonstrating this latest craze from Japan. Problem was that the available backing tracks were not that good.
1986 Ron joined record producer Mike Flicker (Toto & Heart fame) in Palm Springs to promote studio quality backing tracks (called Songtrax)
1988 Ron started HRS (Home Recording Systems) in Garden Grove Calif. Educating singers & want-to-be singers. That same year Ron started the first traveling “Sing-along show” at the Orange County Fairgrounds with Los Angeles entertainer Tony Garcia.
1989 Ron opened the first “Sing-Along Center” in Chicago suburb Downers Grove: This location led to the discovery of many wonderful singers: including Sandi Haynes, Beverly Tomak, Trish Koporas, Sheri Beckford, Cindy Peters, Ricky Lee & Paul Christopher.

1992 Ron officially returned to the stage for the second time at “Little Italian” Restaurant in Downers Grove with Paul Christopher . It was there Ron met singer Sheri Beckford. Pretty soon started performing together. The crowd loved them. It was Like watching Sonny & Cher: (Sheri was 6’ tall and Ron 5’ 4”).
2009 Ron, after 30 years with Panasonic Company, retired and decided to spend his time writing his memoirs, and devote more time to his Screen2Go invention (for which he had been awarded a patent in Jan 2008). At 68 years of age he told family & friends “Who is going to want to hear a 68 year old guy perform?” he figured his best music days were behind him… Was he ever wrong. The best was yet to come.

Introducing Ron & Sandie
2010. April 21st of that year, Ron’s life took an interesting turn. He was introduced to Chicago entertainer, Sandie Triplett. August that same year: at a senior expo at Drury Lane in Oakbrook. Sandie joined Ron on stage for a song & dance routine and something “clicked”. People loved the way Sandie & Ron “connected”. Soon after that Ron & Sandie decided to become an act and perform exclusively together. It was a great move for both of them. Fast Forward to August 2011, Ron & Sandie were booked to be the opening act on the Drury lane Stage for a Convention. Today they are one of the most sort after acts in the Chicago area. And with over 120 shows already slotted for 2012, It looks like Ron & Sandie will be performing together for a long, long time to come…we hope so.
As they say in the magazines: to be continued….

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